I have been a loyal customer for many years. Insurance (auto and home), brokerage, checking, and credit card.

I recently had an accident that was appraised as a total loss. However the appraised actual cash value is thousands below market price. I was given the excuse that dealers need to make a profit, and that my vehicle was not washed. I was then told to find more comparables which I did. Same make and model... some with around 50,000 more miles, one was a rebuilt or salvage title, both around 2,000 more than my offer. I hate to consider moving my business, but after this and a home owners claim over 20 years ago that was denied. I feel that USAA had left me and I'm just realizing it. I'm glad that I have yet to transfer my sizable TSP over since my retirement.


Hi @DocBones, I'm sorry to hear about your accident and I do hope everyone involved is ok. We can have a claims specialist reach out to you regarding your total loss claim. I can tell you that total loss is paid as actual cash value not market value. When the specialist reaches out to you, they will confirm we have all the correct options and comparable vehicles to ensure the actual cash value is correct. Please allow 1-2 business days for them to reach out to you regarding your claim. Thank you. 

Exercise your right to hire a reputable third party adjuster. USAA will stonewall and try to screw you while waiting for the stress of not having a vehicle to make you cave. Check your contract for the adjuster clauses but in mine, USAA had to pay the adjuster because the value he came up with was higher than what they got.

Don't argue about options because USAA will give you another offer right after you hire the adjuster to try to get out of paying them. What USAA does is almost illegal, immoral, and despicable. Make sure you hire a good adjuster though because USAA does own some of them, mine specifically never took cases representing USAA.

@Gazedo, I hate to hear that you did not have a positive experience settling your total loss claim with us. I would like to have your situation reviewed further. I've escalated your concerns to a subject matter expert who will review and address your situation. Please allow 2-3 business days for contact. -LeKisha

Where do you find that clause?

This is definitely not a real thing. I tried and tried to talk to a human being when this same thing happened to me. No luck.

@Bandit7, I am sorry that you are having difficulty connecting with a representative.  Can you tell me the nature of your issue so I can get you connected with the appropriate area? - Ina

I am dealing with that very situation now, and the 'comparables' are simply not as well equipped,  and they didn't even get in the fair market value or average community cost for my vehicle. Then I was told I had no recourse but to accept. I have not as yet, because they didn't even have all options listed.


Did you have any success with your case? I can provide comparables in the marketplace, but they are not close to me (I custom ordered my truck). The ones thata actually ARE comparable and close are priced above market value because of demand.

No resolution yet. Im looking at switching, home, auto, checking and investments elsewhere. Another example of the poor service: during my last deployment my pipes froze, burst and when they thawed flooded my house. I spoke to USAA they were going to clean out the wet, destroyed material and fix the pipes. Once I returned home I would decide on other repairs. I just wanted to be able to come home and live in the house. I came home to broken pipes and mold. I had to stay at a hotel. I never did recover all damages from USAA... guess I should have learned.

I am still waiting resolution. The adjuster told me that the ACV wasn't meant to be sufficient to allow me to replace my vehicle. My USAA policy, part D, states:


"Actual cash value" means the amount that it would cost, at the time of loss, to buy a comparable vehicle. As applied to your covered auto, a comparable vehicle is one of the same make, model, model year, body type, and options with substantially similar mileage and physical condition".

One could deduce from the policy verbiage that the ACV should come close to the current average market price of a similar vehicle.


I have seen others that have the same issue, same policy info, and same low ball values on totaled vehicles. That USAA still uses CCC despite the lawsuits against them and their known sketchy business practices is simply incomprehensible. It appears that USAA has decided that profit is more important than veterans. Sad


I have been a USAA client for over 2 decades. I know their insurance is a bit higher, but the customer service, trust, and reliabilty has always offset the higher cost. It appears that USAA no longer prides itself on fairness, as proven by their chosen business associates (CCC). "Birds of a feather..."


Please keep me updated on if, and how, you were able to get your case settled. I will update mine as well, but I don't think anything positive will happen as long as USAA 'partners' with CCC. An interesting read: http://www.certifiedautoappraisers.com/cccarticle.html


I hate to change insurance companies, but it certainly looks like USAA has already changed their allegiance.