Total loss experience - kudos to USAA for a GREAT job!


Hello fellow USAA members, 


I was recently in a collision. The other driver was 100% at fault (insured by another company).  My car, a 2015 Honda CR-V LX, around 30K miles, purchased used a couple of years ago and financed through USAA, was totaled.  While I waited for my settlement offer, I read comments on this board and saw mostly complaints. I was worried, expecting the worst.  So, I wanted to share my experience in case it might be helpful for others.


In my case, everything went really well.  USAA handled my claim competently, compassionately, responsively, as quickly as possible - I think, given the specifics of the situation - and made a fair settlement offer.  All in all, I was made whole in about a month, but much of that time was at the body shop (see detailed timeline below). 


I've been with USAA since I started driving (several decades!).  I'm sticking with them, and I continue to recommend them 100% to anyone who asks.  Thank you USAA for taking such good care of me and my family.  Kudos for a job very well done in representing me in this total loss situation.  Ms. Kimberly is a wonderful representative of your company.  Mr. Jaime in the total loss department was also very nice, knowledgable, and helpful.


  • June 15: accident. Initially, it looked like my car was not badly damaged, with only a few visible dents; airbags did not deploy, but not driveable due to wheel, axle, and transfer case damage.  I expected it would likely be repaired.  Towed by police. I called USAA to file a claim.
  • June 16: I requested a rental car online through USAA, picked it up that day.  Also tried to request a USAA-approved shop online, but had trouble with the site, so I emailed my assigned representative.
  • June 17: I chose a USAA-approved shop from the list provided in response to my claim center communication and released the car to USAA by phone.
  • June 18 or 19: car towed to shop.  USAA promptly paid the wrecker service. It took almost 3 weeks for the shop to get a repair estimate, because the car had to be taken apart to find the damage underneath.  I was contacted by the other insurances involved in the accident during this time (there were 4 companies involved), gave my accident statements, and referred them to USAA for information about repairs, etc.
  • July 2: heard from the body shop that damage estimate was getting very high but caulations were still underway, and that the car was likely to be totaled.
  • July 4: decided to purchase a new car even before official notice that the old one was totaled, I knew I wouldn't be comfortable driving it again if it ended up being fixed, with that much damage.  (Took advantage of 4th of July car sales opportunity!)
  • July 5: returned rental car.  USAA paid their portion of the invoice within a few days. I paid part out-of-pocket, filed a claim directly with the at-fault driver's insurance for the difference, and was promptly reimbursed.
  • July 13: USAA total loss agent contacted me with settlement offer which was in line with my own comp research, and also tacked on ad valorem tax (required in Georgia for vehicle purchase - "TAVT").  Very fair offer.  Called the body shop and released the vehicle to USAA.  USAA mailed title paperwork to me.  USAA helped me cancel insurance dating back to the accident, and a refund of the balance was issued to my insurance account.
  • July 15: USAA paid the balance on my car loan.
  • July 16: I signed and notarized title paperwork and sent it back to USAA.
  • July 19: USAA initiated direct-deposit the balance of the settlement into my account.



@MSJD, thank you so much for your feedback regarding your total loss experience. I am happy to hear that our adjusters were able to take care of you in a timely manner. Thank you for your membership with USAA.

I saw your post and was really hoping I would have a similar experience--I did not.  Instead of trying to help me, as I thought that the insurance company I have been paying for 6 years would, they are trying to nickle and dime my car's value as far down as they can.  The amount they are currently offering makes it nowhere near possible to purchase a comparable car, especially when taxes, title, etc. are factored in.  I assumed that people were just unhappy with their offers because they were being greedy, but it looks like USAA is just playing a numbers game with computer software, instead of looking at each situation on a case-by-case basis.  The only time they care about about your specific car is when they're counting the number of scratches on your paint and the chips on your windshield, so they can deduct even more from your ability to purchase a decent vehicle to replace your loss.

@ Lukagoogle,

I am sorry to hear that your vehicle was deemed a total loss.  Please know that this is never the experience we want you to have when you file a total loss claim.  I have escalated your situation to a subject matter expert who will be reaching out to you to address your concerns.  Thanks~Mike