I’m a little confused because I’ve been told TWO different things. I was told that if USAA keeps the car and I have lien, the money goes to the lien holder. If it’s OWNER RETAINED then they cut me a check for the difference of the salvaged amount from the value of the car and I use that for repairs. When I called to process for the funds the lady asked if I had a clear title I said no because theirs a lien and so I was just goin to pay for repairs. The lady then told me that if they keep it or if I keep it the money goes to the lien holder regardless because their priority is the bank. Which doesn’t make sense because they aren’t keeping the car to total loss if, I’m still gonna make payments I’m just getting the car repaired.


@LaCole0316v Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your claim. I would like to look into this matter further for you. Can you please send us a private message with your claim number so we can look up your information?

How did all of that turn out?