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I have always been proud to be a member of CCC. When my credit card information was stolen, USAA took care of me. If I’ve been in a wreck, auto insurance department took care of me. However, the total loss department is a disgrace. I was rear ended at a red light by a vehicle that didn’t even stop. My car was deemed a total loss. Fine, I have USAA which I’ve always said and thought was awesome. The beginning stages were fine. Got my rental car and medical costs were reimbursed. However, when it was sent to total loss, it all went downhill...You can never get your representative to call you back and then you have to talk to someone else. When you explain how you can’t get in touch with your representative, they all give the excuse how they are so overworked and it’s hard to keep in contact with everyone. So, we are to blame? If I pay for a service (and my family have been members over 30 years), am I not to expect communication? Am I burden for expecting communication? Maybe total loss wouldn’t be so backed up on their workload if they actually had the ability to offer resolution to the customer. See, CCC (a third party company hired by USAA and every other insurance company) has all the power. You complain about the comps presented to you that CCC gave USAA to show what the value of your car is—Total loss says that you may counter with your own comps—nope, CCC still won’t even look at your comps and goes to find more comps that are too low...when you have a question about how they calculate the mileage costs being deducted or added to the comps, total loss says they aren’t sure of the formula CCC uses...excuse me, but doesn’t CCC supposedly work for you? Don’t you think you should know the formula? Total loss has a three way call with me and CCC...the CCC lady couldn’t even explain what the formula was and that people ask them all the time...excuse me again? So, I’m just supposed to take some bull answer that nobody knows the formula and I should just accept it? I told my total loss we are only $1000 off from what I feel I should have and what CCC is telling USAA that I should get. Are you seriously making this drag on for over a month over $1000. With what I’m being offered, I couldn’t even get into the same year vehicle with all the features that I did have. Total loss then suggests to maybe call the other insurance involved to see if they will offer me what I want...really?? The other insurance company involved also uses CCC, so I’m sure they would offer me less than what my OWN insurance company will offer... <br><br>I can’t believe that CCC has COMPLETE control over USAA total loss. The total loss department has NO say so on anything. I do not pay CCC for insurance, I pay USAA. I am their client, not CCC’s. Matter of fact, CCC is USAA’s client, but they hold all the power...<br><br>It’s been over a month, I have no car and am not going to settle. Actually, I couldn’t even settle right now if I wanted to because I can’t get a call back and don’t feel like having to explain myself again for the upteenth time!
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Were your comps all from a rental car sales lot like mine were? 

Mine were all from Autotrader. However, I searched for the vehicle and stock number and couldn’t find them. I sent in my own comps and they wouldn’t use them because mine were higher.

I had a phone call today from someone who reports to the CEO's office. This is the first time that I felt like someone actually listened and understood my concerns. It was not the same robotic responsed I have been getting from the total loss reps. We went over everything and I am very optimistic that this will be handles appropriately. Fingers crossed!

CCC is working for USAA and they have the contract because they make USAA money.  Horrible experience, they do not follow their own guidelines.  Check them out on the web.  Bad company and this who USAA is deciding to do business with.  CCC coupled with the USAA points of contact in the total loss department makes this a horrible situation.  I have heard State Farm is much better and boy is everyone we know surprised of USAA's process and treatment.  

So my guess is that for an accident on 12/21 and it is now 2/1 they are just waiting me out.  Got the same info about providing them comps, you could tell from the call it was garbage, they could care less what comps I come up with .  An what about the supposed executive Team helpers, I don't think they are every at work or something given they will not call back.


How did this happen to a complany I was so proud to be a part of?

I have never in my life taken the time to voice my frustrations on a forum like this...unfortunately, my experience with USAA in this process compelled me to share. 


beck23, You captured 75% of my frustrations, not the least of which were lost checks, checks sent to wrong addresses, no FedEx tracking #'s, short working hours (9am-4pm, REALLY??)...AND...the disrespectful and appathetic attitude to go along with the "do you know that I work on 500 cases per day" comment from my primary Total Loss rep, .  Of the 5 different reps I delt with (because you can never reach your same rep when you  need to), 2 were nice but incompetent, 2 were condecending, distracted, and disrespectful...and one...only one...actually tried to go above and beyond and was solid


USAA, WAKE UP! Add bodies, better training, and better customer service attitudes to this department. I feel sorry for those that are just claimants...I was both claiment and a 35 year member.  WOW.


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@35yrMember1 Thank for reaching out to us regarding your recent claims experience. I have escalated your concerns to a subject matter expert to review. They will be following up with you in the next 1 to 2 business days.

The person that rear ended you.Their insurance should paid for your total loss. Not usaa.

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The person that rear ended you.Their insurance should paid for your total loss. Not usaa.

Doesn't excuse USAA's incompetence in dealing with the matter. If USAA is handling the claim, they should handle the claim, not make excuses for why they can't get the job done.