Total Loss team continues to lie or change story

My truck was totaled by USAA last week. After taking ownership of my title and truck they stated they would have the money in my account Friday morning and sent a letter stating it would be deposited within one business day. Then it was later changed to by COB Friday. That then became Saturday I would have the money. Saturday we went to get another vehicle and the money still wasn't deposited. After escalating it I was told it would be in my account today. Today, it's still not in my account and now i'm told they used the wrong terminology, that it's not a direct deposit at all. Now I'm told it will be in my account by Thursday of this week. Which I don't believe at all at this point. I am over being lied to. This needs to be fixed!


@troyfrezze, I have located your claim information and I am escalating this to the CEO Member Relations department. They will review your situation and reach out to you to discuss further. Thank you.