Just wanted to point out my recent experience with a total loss claim.  First, people tend to get irrational / emotional about their vehicles, so I don't envy the adjustors, but after my experience I hit google and came across this page. Seems for some, the experience was similiar to mine, but I'll try and share some other insights.  I've been a USAA customer for over 20 years, using multiple products (mortgage, brokerage, primary / rental insurance, multiple car coverage, auto loans, home equity loan, multiple banking accounts, etc), so I'm particularly vested.  I have never questioned USAA, primarily due to the excellent reputation.  I have always reasoned that I may pay a bit more for some of the services, but I'm paying to be treated fairly and not having to worry about being ripped off.  Most of the time my expectations have been met, but other than maybe 1 or 2 minor auto claims, I've never had to test that theory until now.  12/22/17, I was rear ended by another driver (nationwide insurance).  The other insurance company accepted responsibility and started the claim (I also filed w/ USAA, but was content w/ Nationwide handling).

After about a week, after assessing the vehicle, NW informed that there was a problem with the policy holder that needed to be rectified and I should use my insurance company to expedite the claim.  No problem! USAA was very efficient and towed the vehicle for assessment. After about a week it was determined a total loss and I provided information to assist in the valuation (new engine, repairs, aftermarket items, etc) and I would be contacted.  I assume at this point I was handed to another department, because communication ceased. --For the record - I NEVER actually spoke to the person who was assigned to me, even after leaving a message--

After some time passed I received the total loss valuation email.  I thought it was fair, but was missing some of the items that I provided. I was instructed to include those items in response to that email and it would be sent for further review and I would hear back w/ in 24-48 hrs.  I waited 3 or 4 days before contacting them (via the claim communications) again.

On 1/26/18  I requested a status and was instructed to send the information again (at this point the accident happened 12/22/17, claim was taken over by USAA ~1/9/18) and it would get reviewed within 24-48 hrs). 

On 2/1/18, I was contacted by NW (via cell) and was told the policy issue was corrected and asked if I wanted to continue the claim. I told them I was working with USAA.  Since he had the evaluation complete they initially offered about $7-800 less than USAA.  I asked if they would consider additional information (engine, tires, etc), he asked me to send it to him. 20 minutes after I sent it I received an adjusted offer that exceeded USAA by ~$400.00.  I contacted USAA to inqure about the status. I was told they had received it and to call them (20 min on hold). The assessment was increased by $100.00, but they needed to charge 200.00 in uninsured motorist insurance. 

What bothers me the most - This particular car was insured by USAA since purchased in 1994 and another insurance company did in a day what took USAA almost 2 weeks (had I opted to get a rental, it may have increased urgency?).  For me, it certainly wasn't about the value, but the way my claim was handled - the other interesting note is that both evaluations were completed by the same 3rd party (CCC One).  The main difference were in "condition adjustments and refurbishments". Feels like when a stranger tells you that your awesome, while your family member is busy criticizing flaws.  Bottom line - You never want to ever have to use insurance, but expect (right or wrong) your company to treat you correctly.  At least in my case, I have some thinking to do continuing relationships on some of the other bigger ticket items that I am having insured.


Hi Firechicken,  I regret this has been your experience and understand your frustration with this situation. Your membership is very important to us and we want to help any way we can. We will reach out to our claims partners to review your situation and be assured someone will contact you to address your concerns. Thank you for reaching out.