My vehicle was stolen in Nov...30 days ago. I contacted USAA and was told that I needed to send in my title and they would issue my check. The following week, I contacted USAA and was told that the check is being sent out. I realized that they were mailing my check and contacted USAA again. I asked USAA could they direct deposit my check instead of mailing it. 20 minutes later, a lady got on the phone to tell me that my check has been cancelled because it was prematurely sent out. I asked her to explain and she said that my adjuster would contact me. It's been a week, I have talked to several people...not my adjuster....still no answer. I was forced to turn in the rental car so I'm stuck with no vehicle, no money to buy a new vehicle, no clue on why my check was cancel, no contact from USAA. I have been a member for 13 years. Retired with chronic PTSD, and this situation is causing me all kinds of mental problems. I pay over $400 a mnth for insurance coverage and I'm being treated like trash. I love USAA but this will be my last year with this company.



I am so sorry to hear about the inconvenience and frustration you are experiencing with your claim, and I want to have your situation reviewed further.  I have escalated your situation to a member of management who will be reaching out to you to address your concerns. ~Mike

Thanks Mike but as of today, no one has contacted me about this issue. 45 days and this claim still isn't resolved

Thank you for your service!  I am so sorry for all you are going through. I have recently heard from friends after winter storm Grayson of trouble with multiple insurance companies about total losses. What is going on here? Especially here with USAA. It seems like once the claim is filed it is like a black hole to try to speak to the adjuster that is making decisions and driving all of this. These community boards are full of bad stories on this. This doesn't sound like the USAA I have known myself for 15 years. Have you gotten this all resolved?


USAA can you help this Veteran out?