Total Loss Rental - Bad Information and Derelict Body Shop.


I recently recieved a total loss determination as a result of a low-speed accident on Nov 1 with an older car.  Where things started to go downhill was when I took the vehicle to the USAA contrated body shop for an estimate. Initial estimate was completed in a few days, and USAA paid the shop the repair cost.  No word for a little over two weeks. I call the shop myself on Nov 21 to ask for an update and am told by the employee there that she had a supplemetal invoice that had been on her desk and she "hadn't had a chance" to email the new figures over to USAA.  Keep in mind, I'm in a rental at this point and the allowance is being used up. 


On Friday the 23rd I get a call from USAA that my car is a total loss. The supplemental invoice pushed me over the edge.  That's fine.  I'm later told by two USAA employees on a recorded line that I have until 30 November to return my rental, per my policy coverage.  On 29 November I get a call from Enterprise Rent-A-Car, informing me my allowance was gone and I now owe $120.  Upon invesitgation with USAA, they confirmed that my rental allowance in fact rant out on the 25th.  The adjuster acknowledged that I was given bad information by USAA.  She also acknowledged that the collision center had no business holding onto a supplemental invoice for any period of time, as it affects the entire claim process and effectively wasted 3 weeks of my rental allowance. 


I was assured during that call that a Supervisor would be contacting me within 2 business days to resolve this.  It's now Dec 3 at 4 pm.  Still no call.  I have no intention of being left holding the bill for this rental.  If USAA wants to serve my 18 year membership and my family's decades-longer history with this company, I need you to make this right.


@ Rocky78,

Thank you for over 18 years of membership and for your family's loyal as well as long term membership.  However, It is disheartening to hear about your experience with your total loss claim, and I’d like to have your concerns reviewed further.  I have escalated your situation to a subject matter expert who will be reaching out to you to address your concerns.   Please allow 2-3 business days for contact.  Thanks~Mike

Thanks. I was informed the matter was elevated to the Director level for resolution.  I'm awaiting the decision, and posted my Enterprise  bill on the communications center.  The total overage charges for the rental came to $157.90.  I trust this can be cleared up quickly.  I returned the vehicle at my first opportunity once I heard USAA has exhausted the coverage for my rental, and I feel that I only kept the rental because USAA told me I was good to go until the 30th, until they told me of the mistake.

I got a call on Friday fromthe local USAA rep that oversees the body shop in question.  He was very gracious and apologized for the breakdown in the process and explained that the body shop would be mailing me a check for the full amount for the rental, as a result of the delay in the repair estimate being sent in to USAA's claims department.  No word on when the check may arrive, but it was nice to hear that arrangements were made to correct this and the customer wasn't left with the bill.  Thank you all.

I just quit after 43 years.  Lucky your accident wasn't serious like mine. They failed to investigate or contact the other party. It is still going on after 4 years. 

I totalled my car 3 months ago, and was told a reservation was made at the closest Enterprise to my home. Well, the 2 closest Enterprises were completely out of cars so I went to Hertz in the area. Apparently, USAA only direct bills Enterprise. Not a very convenient policy since I live in rural Maine and the closest is just under an hour away!!!!