I joined USAA right out of basic in 2011, been with them every since. Only had a few problems. Then . . .

I was in an accident on Fort Bliss(I wasnt at fault). I was rear ended at like 45-50 mph and USAA told me that my car was totaled, I couldnt believe it, but I made my peace with that part.


I had my car for 8 months bought it brand new. 2017 Cruze. It had a little over 6,000 miles on it. I took great care of it. Being a single soldier I dont have much, but I have my car.


They compared cars like mine but with twice as many miles at a certain price. Then took about 2000 dollars off and said  thats what mine is worth. 2,000 is a months worth of pay for me, so its a big deal.  They said the deduction was for options and condition. My car has more options then the comparisons, less miles and is in great condition!


They left off several of the options my car has,  like a back up camera. How can USAA value my car when they dont know what it has and doesnt have?! But the adjuster tells me the corrections wont change the amount really and no matter what I have to accept the amount theyre offering me cause it very rarely changes, no matter what. I asked if I could dispute it or do anything to prove my car had more value, the adjuster told me no! which apparently isnt true he sorta admitted later on. I researched the topic more on my own.


I just wanted the vauling done correctly and to be given closer to what my vehicle is actualy worth, no more. That fact that usaa is giving me such a hard time over( what to them is) a small amount is disheartening.  Theyre suppose to be fair in their dealings with service members. For 7 years now I have given what I owe to USAA every month In full, I dont look for ways to cut them short. After having a repairable car labeled a total loss,  being shorted about 2 grand,  being lied to about the process to dispute it (Being lied to is the worst!) and just being talked to like I'm not a valued member,  Im going to have to switch to Navy Federal or one of the other insurance companies after this is settled.



@ TamaiDB,

Hearing about your claim experience is disheartening, and please know your concerns have not fallen on deaf ears.  I have escalated your situation to our CEO Member Relations Team who will be reaching out to you to address your concerns. ~Mike

After lots and lots of conversation, someone at USAA helped me make things as right as possible. Small things have made a huge difference in how fast I can recover from this accident. I am happy I was heard and felt like a valued member of the USAA community.

I am having a similar problem. USAA not giving me what my car is worth. The process has taken over 6 months and is still not resolved. Where is the respect they claim to have for us soldiers and vets, that their commercials espouse.