So a week ago I was told my car was a total loss. It has been one issue after the other. Now I am being told that I am not getting my payment today because their system is down. They have no clue when it will be working maybe not till next week. Now I am left without a vehcile for over a week and the car I was going to purchase is being sold to someone else. I tlaked to several people and they said there is nothing else that can be down. Thanks USAA!!!!

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@tlm07, I am sorry to hear about the trouble you're having with the auto claim.  I asked the claims service manager to research your situation further and to follow up with you for an update.  They will be contacting you within one business day or sooner.  Thanks.

Total loss hasn't even contacted me! I had to call the mechanic myself to ask if they thought it was totalled because USAA never told me and I've just been waiting for someone to call me. Then my claims representative finally called me (litterally the first phone call I received about this claim) because I left a negative experience feedback through the app. He told me the cross file adjuster should have called me and the total loss department should have called me but NO ONE is calling me. I can't be without a car for weeks for an accident that wasn't my fault. The other driver is a USAA memeber. This shouldn't be taking so long. What I really want is for someone to please communicate to me and give me some idea that work is being done on my claim and some idea of how long this process might take. 

@Gingey, I'm sorry to hear about the delay in regards to your claim. I will send your concerns to our claims team for review. Thank you. - Rhonda

Leave USAA as soon as you can!  USAA has grown just to big to offer the level of service and extremely comptetive prices the used to offer.  The CEO and high level staff needs to go.