Kerry cares

How is the typical communication with a Total Loss claim?  Seems to be slow and non-responsive.  USAA please hire and train more Total Loss Department employees.  I am sitting here week after week wondering what is going on with the 2 claims that I have going on.  When I call in I am placed on hold for an hour.  Not acceptable.  


That isn't a good experience Kerry.  I am sorry to hear that you have 2 claims that you are trying to navigate.  I located your two claims and am now working to coordinate a review/callback by a manager.  Please allow me one business day to have someone reach out to you.

This is exactly the reason I dropped USAA. You can drop them in the middle of your claim and go to another company. They still have to finish the claim. USAA has went to trash in the last few years.


Yeah I've had zero communication with the total loss dept. and I find it very disappointing. I have to call everyone and do all of the leg work. 

@Gingey, I am sorry to hear you have not received any communication from us regarding your claim. I will be happy to forward your concerns to the appropriate team for review. Thank you. - Rhonda

I have been waiting on the settlement paperwork for a month and a half. I call every week and spend hours on hold being sent here and there and every week they tell me that i will get it this week. i have a small business and this is really killing my work. i thought this company would care but they don't. hope you get better help then i am getting. 

As a 6+ year customer with USAA,
It’s insane that I have the same issue/issues. Everyone claim is different, but the LACK OF COMMUNICATION, has been unbelievable. We have had our settlement paid and cleared to our financing company. And we have had ZERO communication on any updates or documents. The only time we get anything done is where WE CALL OURSELVES, and 5-6 Representatives later, we move just one step forward.
We have had “assigned” Reps, that we have not been able to get ahold of for WEEKS. we leave countless voicemails, with any/all info to be provided in order for our “assigned Rep.” to contact us. But again, NOTHING.
Moral of the story, you can only get things done by calling yourself, multiple times a day, adding up to almost 20+ calls weekly.
With NEW Reps, every call, creating so much inaccurate info, advice, just leaving us back at square one.
When we have done EVERYTHING we can do, as customers.
It truly seems as if USAA only cares about their business before customers.
Blows my mind, because without your customers, you have no business.
Our entire claim process has been draining, stressful, and nothing but confusing/unreliable.
And overall just cannot wait to be done with this company.

@Lovelyleannnx,  I regret to hear that your claims experience has caused stress and has not been reliable. This is never how we want our members to feel. I will be happy to forward this matter for further review. Thank you for your continued patience and the opportunity to address your concerns. ~ Robyn