Hi USAA community, I'm a third-generation USAA member and am having my first significant (and so far intractable) problem with USAA. We have used USAA for home, life, and auto insurance as well as banking and investments, but I'm rethinking our loyalty after my experience with my total loss claim. I have received zero help from USAA so I'm hoping that the USAA community can offer some help/advice.


I was in an unfortunate one-car accident in late September in which my car slipped on some freshly laid gravel and I ended up in a ditch upside down. It was a miracle that I escaped uninjured, but my car was totalled. I immediately called USAA to start the claim process and they were initially helpful in setting up the claim.


But a few days later USAA sent me a settlement offer based on a market valuation report prepared by CCC One that siginifcantly undervalued my car. I had saved up and purchased a very low mileage (14,500 miles) Porsche Boxster in perfect condition with very special options that I searched nearly a year to find. This was my dream car and I was crushed that it was destroyed in the accident.


The CCC One report used three comparable vehicles, all of which had over double the mileage and lacked most if not all of the expensive options that my car had (none even were the same color). I submitted a list of 8 comparables that were a much closer match, and asked that they consider those vehicles and re-assess the market value of my car. Although USAA acknowledged my request and promised a response within 48 hours, they did nothing until I asked for an update over a week later.


At that time, they sent me a "revised" CCC One market valuation report with an unchanged market value (same value to the dollar), completely ignored 5 of the 8 comparables (the closest matching and highest value, naturally); they even used the same car twice for their top three comparables. I immediately responded with why that was not a fair or accurate valuation and provided a further comparable that is as close as it gets - same year, condition, color, very close mileage, and similar options, and it sold at auction only weeks before my accident for much more than I was even asking.


That was October 17 (12 days ago), and USAA has not responded. I have called four times and left messages. No one has responded to my response. It has now been a month since I submitted my claim and I am still waiting on a resolution.


If anyone has experienced something similar I would be grateful for suggestions in getting this resolved. I am extremely frustrated with USAA; this seems out of character for the company.  Thanks for any help or advice.




Hi @ZuffATX, What an unfortunate accident and we're glad to hear you were ok. We can have a claims specialist reach out to you regarding your total loss claim to see how we can help move your claim towards resolution. Please allow 1-2 business days for them to review your claim and give you a call with their findings. Thank you and we look forward to speaking with you soon. 

File a complaint with your state that covers insurance companies.  They have truly become a cut rate company.  My wife had the same thing happen back in July on her baby an 03 Durango we purchased new for cloese to 48k.  They gave us 2500. Total ripoff. I found out the hard way.   Good luck. 

USAA is using a 3rd party to process your total loss claims called Copart. They have taken on USAA but do not have the enough people trained to process all the claims. They are also lowest on their priority list of all their contracts. When the bigshots came down a few weeks ago they shoved a list of USAA claims on desks, after they walked out were told to throw them away. None of these people had any training to deal with their claims handed to them. USAA was talking about losing Copart somehow they decided to stay on with Copart. Now employees are told not disclose when things are really recieved from the owners to process their claims. Mail getting lost or misplaced. It's just horrible really what is going on all on the expense of the USAA customer. Thats who suffers. I'n not blaming USAA, but hope they figure out the truth about this 3rd party. I have been a member of USAA no problems with normal claims. Copart didn't enter the picture until a few months ago. Copart handles the part of the claim that processes the titles for owners back to USAA to a salvage title. Then the car is autioned off by Copart. Copart making money on someones misfortune. They help USAA get the lein holders paid off. But again, not their priority seller. They claim to be a veteran owned company but veterans are not treated very well really. Im sure thats how Copart got the contract. Enough said. But i've been a member many years and worried now about how things are changing. Its no longer about the member to many feet in the fire.