USAA violated their own insurance policy contract three times.

USAA lied about comparable radius restriction.


"'Actual cash value' means the amount that it would cost, at the time of loss, to buy a comparable vehicle.  As applied to your covered auto, a comparable vehicle is one of the same make, model, model year, body type, and options with substantially similar mileage and physical condition" (USAA Texas Auto Policy, page 16 of 28, Part D - Physical Damage Coverage, paragraph A).


CCC (Certified Collateral Corporation) provides vehicle value estimates to USAA.


1. CCC used comparable vehicles from June 2018; accident occurred January 2019

2. CCC used comparable XLT model; insured vehicle was edge model

3. CCC used 2004 comparable; insured vehicle was 2003


I called the dealerships of the comparable vehicles that CCC provided.

None of the comparable vehicles were still for sale "at the time of loss".

I was told that "at the time of loss" is plus/minus 90 days (no source could be provided).

CCC comparable vehicles were outside 90 days.


USAA admitted they deliberately violated their own insurance policy by using a different model intentionally.

A Total loss representative admitted they used the wrong model because it increased the value (not that I minded).


USAA falsely claimed that they could use a comparable of one-year newer model.

The paragraph above clearly contradicts the claim that a different model year can be used.


USAA lied when they stated the comparables I provided (that were higher value) could not be used because the comparables I provided were too far away. 

CCC subsequently used comparables at a further distance (990 miles) after CCC searched for the exact make, mode, and year.


Small changes in valuation not communicated.

Brings into question the accuracy CCC valuations (values should not have changed).

Rebuilt engine value impact changed from $416 to $408 between different comparable valuations.

Tire value impact changed from $26 to $24 between different comparable valuations.


I provided 25 comparable vehicles to USAA, all were rejected.



























CCC provided nine comparable vehicles to USAA.

$6,999 ($5,455 adjusted)

$5,822 ($4,847 adjusted)

$5,417 ($4,197 adjusted)

$5,344 ($5,026 adjusted)

$5,000 ($3,347 adjusted)

$4,995 ($4,550 adjusted)

$4,490 ($3,176 adjusted)

$3,800 (3,209 adjusted)

$3,500 ($3,870 adjusted)


CCC provided six offers:








Repair Estimate (from USAA partner garage):



I was towing a UHAL trailer during the accident.

USAA is making the UHAL trailer a second claim.

Thus, paying a second deductible.



I expect better USAA.




@ J()KER, 

We can see that you're frustrated with your total loss claim, and I'd like to have your concerns reviewed further.  I have escalated your situation to a subject matter expert who will be reaching out to you to address your concerns.  Please allow 2-3 business days for contact.  Thanks~Mike

I am currently having a similar issue with them. Just a FYI. Their 3rd party vendor, CCC, has been the subject of 3 class action lawsuits for similar practices. I have been given the run around for the past several days concerning this.