I can't tell you how disappointed I am with my recent USAA experience.


I recently bought a used car from a dealer.  I had everything lined up with USAA to buy the car, at least that what is the agent told me on the phone.


The next morning, when I called to finalize the sale, I was told they had no record of the conversation and actions taken the night before.  It took an hour an a half to fix the problem, and the agent was going to be satisfied offering me a rate that was .5% higher than I was told I was getting 12 hours previous.  We worked it out eventually, and papers were sent for me to sigh and send back.  The papers were sent off on time and I thought all was well.


UNTIL, I get a call from the dealership asking when they can expect the check to show up.  I called to see what was happening.  Agent 1 ends up hanging up on me.  The Executive agent I talked to next promised it was going to be his "personal mission" to fix my problem.  He never called me back, his name was Joe.  I finally got ahold of Jamie from the same department, who I made PROMISE to call back.  He indicated that they had simply misplaced my paperwork, and they found it and were going to send it off today.  Problem resolved (I'll believe it when it happens) after HOURS of extra work and worry on my end.  It seems USAA was not worried at all about letting me hold onto the bag. 


And while people have apologized (don't need apologies, I need stuff to get done the right way the first time) I am wondering what USAA is willing to do to convince me that I should have any reason to say on as a client.  I have never felt less confident about USAA and more like a number.  What a shame, I used to recommend them all the time, and I used to feel like they really cared about me.  I can treated better at a local bank.  I might as well give it a shot.




I am sorry to hear of your experience, frustrating indeed. I have sent this over to our banking team, they will review and reach out to you in order to discuss and assist you. Thank you for reaching out in Community!



Is there a timeline to all this?  You mentioned someone will be contacting me.  I have yet to hear from anyone.  I trust you were sincere in posting this, and not just writiing something to make USAA look better on this forum.  Please advise.



Hi Matt,


I have received an update from the bank this morning, and you should be receiving a call within the next 24 hours or sooner. Thank you.