Well, after 7 years of exclusive association with USAA, my husband and I are going to take our checking, savings, CD, credit card, and auto insurance needs somewhere else. Despite the fact that our credit scores are in the 700’s, and we have EXCEPTIONAL payment histories on all of our accounts (including our USAA credit card)—meaning ZERO late or missed payments on anything, ever. A minuscule debt-to-income ratio and near-zero balances on all of our accounts. Eight years at my husbands employment and 10 years for mine as the owner of a successful litigation consulting business, USAA just denied our application for a new car loan (and not a very large one, at that). And put a 4-point ding in our FICO scores with their useless inquiry. I don’t even know why I came to USAA for the loan when the dealership is offering 1.5% less interest loans, except that we were loyal to the brand and wanted to keep our business here. Well that is no more. Very disappointing.


LPSWCLLC, Thank you for your 7 years of loyalty. Sorry to hear the loan wasn't approved and that you feel like leaving. We would never want you to leave! I am forwarding this to the appropriate area for feedback and to be reviewed. Again, sorry for the disappointment. ~Tom


Check with USAA again.

I've been with them for 50 years now. I was approved to lease two cars with similar stats while my wie and I are retired.

You will not find anybody better out there. I have heard this from more than a few over the years.

Similar boat.  I have an Excellent credit score and extremely low debt to income ratio and my pre approval for a $12,000 used car loan was 9%.  i have been with this bank for over 20 years and never have had that.  EVER.

@0796, I understand that you have concerns about a pre-approval for an auto loan. I can confirm that your concerns have been elevated. Please allow some time for a thorough review of the situation. ~DC