definitely time to leave them and stick to the other credit union I bank with! Other credit unions willing to give me an auto loan but for some reason as long as I been with usaa they always deny me. Think my time is up!


Sounds like you need to work on your credit first, then worry about leaving a trustworthy bank
I agree. USAA denied me for a long time, but I got my credit up and even started with an auto loan from another bank before i was able to refinance my car with USAA. They just want to be sure that you can pay your debts and are responsible before they loan you the money. Not such a bad thing on their part. It allows them to keep their intrest rates low.

Hi Mi Mi 1908,

We would hate to see you go and would appreciate the chance to review your situation further. I have sent your comments over to our banking partners. Thank you for taking the time to post here.

Been with USAA over 25 years and it's time for me to do banking locally.

Dear Stay,

We would love to get more information from you about why you are making the switch. If you could please send us a message here with further details we would really appreciate it. Thank you.

Agree with you 100% how in the world do I get quoted 13% apr on auto loan, yet get 2.65% through Chase. Oh but you save with us on Gap and blah blah blah, nothing can recoup 10.35% over the length of the loan. My credit is Good, so whats the deal? Thinking about pulling all my accounts too and switching.