Threatening to cancel Rental car and repair is not complete

I hit a deer on 11/12/2020. Submitted the claim and picked up rental car same day. Adjuster made arrangements with contracted wrecker to tow the vehicle to the shop I chose. Car sat in driveway for 6 days. Finally towed to shop. Called shop after a week to check on progress. They said they had no idea whose vehicle it was and had not done anything with it. I had to hound the adjuster to get it towed. I would have done the same with the shop if USAA let me know it was my job to contact the shop to do whatever has to be done to initiate work. I wrongly presumed that part of me paying for insurance meant the adjuster or someone from USAA would coordinate the claim until it was complete. USAA provided authorization for the work to be performed on 11/30 and now are telling me that they are going to stop payment on the rental car because the shop has not provided a supplement. I looked up my coverage on rental car - says I am covered until my car is repaired. Was told if I had used one of USAA's contracted shops, this would not have been a problem. The shops on their list had horrible ratings. Not impressed with how USAA has handled my first claim. In fact, extremely disappointed in the level of communication (i.e., tell me that I need to coordinate the claim, not them) and the fact they are stopping payment on the rental car although the body shop is 7-10 days away from completion.


@Frustrated16, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I was able to locate your account and have reached out to our Claims Team for further assistance. Thank you! ~Danielle

The last time I made a claim was 30 years ago and USAA was wonderul. From observing the decline in USAA in the past few years- loss of integrity and honor, awful customer service, political virtue signalling, dismal banking products, etc- It's no surprise what you are describing. I finally ditched USAA insurance for GEICO three months ago with no regrets, but with better rates. I note some USAA employee repsonded to your posting and said something about "reaching out" to some other department. As far as I can determine this is a meaningless throw-away customer service line they use with pretty much every response.