We have been members of USAA for about 20 years now and I had my very first accident under this insurance ever.  We have paid an incredible amount of money to this company for all of these years and I just assumed that I would be taken care of. I was wrong. My settlement offer clearly states that "Your vehicle is based on what it would have cost to purchase a vehicle like yours immediately before your accident. Your options, mileage, and condition have been accounted for." I have been told that IT needs to be informed that this is improper wording for the settlement amount. I was told to refer to my policy which is vague and does not define Actual Car Value. So, the only definition is the one above that comes from my settlement paperwork.  I spoke with Stephanie in Total Loss and she said I am interpreting this wrong. I think it is very clear and I feel that I can no longer trust USAA. I am seeing one thing written on my official settlement offer and being told something completely different. I was also told that this was the first they have heard that this is an issue. After all of this, I started looking at these forums and realized that this is not the first time and won't be the last if they continue this deceitful behavior. They are destroying a trust that I have had for years all because they can't see that what they offered me is in no way comparable to the 4 local vehicles I have sent to them that aren't even as nice as my vehicle was.


I was told that we are going around and around in circles and not getting anywhere so if I would like to hire an attorney they would like a statement of representation. They honestly want to start a bigger fight instead of considering my comparable vehicles and offer me a reasonable amount for my car. This breaches their responsibility to work with me as their member and causes more stress to an already awful situation.


I do not want to talk to another person in Total Loss, I want to speak to someone who will work with me and listen rather than talking over me. She said that we each needed a turn to talk and I let her speak but when it was my turn she simply interupted me and told me that a manager could not be reached and probably would not call me back. I have worked many years in customer service and I have never, ever heard someone tell an upset customer that no one else will talk to them.  I will be making my complaints with all the proper channels and continue to inform people of just how bad it is when you have been in an accident and all you want is fair treatment after all of the money you have spent to have peace of mind that you are covered when in an accident.




This certainly isn't the way we want any member to feel, @The hits keep coming. I've sent a request to a colleague in our Claims group to review this and follow up. Please know they aren't the in the office at the moment, but will have this request first thing in the morning. - Cathleen 

Leave USAA and never look back. This is how USAA treats you under Stuart Parker's leadership.  He needs to resign immediately.

Go Navy Fed!!! Open enrollment

Welcome to the club. Still waiting on a settlement from February. Support will not address why documents were promised but never shipped.

What a piece of sh*t company you are, you're thieves. My Vehicle was totaled in Sept of 2017 you cut me a check for it, I went to put another vehicle on my policy and find out that you were still charging me that totaled for over a year I was paying on it. Now, I find out that you won't refund me the money. What pieces of you are, I will be closing all my accounts. Funny you talk about Help at Every turn, but you mention what you mean is that you help yourself into our pockets.

Oh, no! I hate to hear that you have had a poor experience. We take your feedback seriously and I am forwarding your experience to the appropriate area for further review.  Thank you for reaching out to us and appreciate your patience as your situation is being reviewed.  ~ Marco