This is weird

So is USAA trying to be hip and cool by giving us a forum to complain? This seems as useless as a suggestion box. People think they get heard and they complain here instead of wasting their time on the phone. I guess its a win/win for everyone
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Just for the record, I believe the staff at USAA reads these posts and takes action when they deem it appropriate.


A few months ago, I experienced difficulties with a USAA partner company, and posted about those difficulties here. Very shortly after doing so, I heard from a USAA representative about the matter. Within a few days I heard from the partner company; they offered to resolve the situation in my favor. I was surprised and grateful.


I would not hesitate to post here again if I had a similar problem which could not be resolved  any other way.

Thanks for posting @C130BNav  and for sharing your experience. We are glad you are here!

Hi @Big Bad Wolfie 


We are so glad you made it here! Welcome to the USAA Community!


We have Member Service Representatives here to help with product related questions and concerns in our Support Area and we have Discussion boards for lifestyle topics relating to military life- or any topics our membership is interested in talking about! We also have a wide range of blog topics to share more in depth helpful information.


Each comment, concern, question and post that comes in on this forum is reviewed, responded to and escalated as necessary. We try our best to help solve memebers's questions and concerns. While I haven't hear us described as hip or cool, I hope once you look around you find some helpful information!


Thanks for being here!


Looking forward to seeing what you think. Have a great week!