I am new to the military and am considering buying a motorcycle. I have a few questions. I am temperarily stationed in FL and I am looking to buy in AL. I am from VA and was wonding if I can register in FL and pay FL taxes? My state will require an inspeaction and since I will not be near the state of VA anytime soon that will be impossible. Also, does USAA banking work on the weekend to help me with loans and titling? 




Good morning @Millennial Sailor, Thank you for trusting us with your loan needs. Our specialists are able to assist you with these questions and any other helpful information via phone, at 210-531-8722 or secure online chat from Contact Us options. Good luck with your purchase. ~ Lori C 

Keep in mind that USAA does not insure motorcycles.  The least expensive I ever ran across was from Dairyland Insurance.  Geico, Allstate and a few others do cover bikes if you have your car with them too.  However the cost in my past was outrageously high.