They say they are going to be there but they really are not

Was in a car accident over a year ago now. Was hit by an uninsired motorist and my car was totaled and I was injured from the accident. I had uninsured motorist coverage but that didn’t do anything for me because it had been a fight from the beginning. They told me to go get he help for my medical issues and I did and I followed the doctors orders and when I was better I stoped going to get the medical help. Well USAA refuses to pay the bills and I shouldn’t have to because it wasn’t my fault and I had the coverage that was supposed to help me when something. Like this does happen. Well USAA is still no longer there for me. They said they would get me through this without a fight and that is all that it has been. Many phone calls and still no help. Over a year I would have hoped this was taken care of by now but it is not. If I would have known this was going to happen I would have never switched over to USAA. So hopefully this will help so this never happens to someone else. Don’t trust USSA find another insurance company. I work hard everyday work full time and go to school full time and am a safe driver this accident wasn’t even my fault and USAA wants me to pay for everything. When I thought that’s why I pay them monthly to protect me from situations like this. But guess I was wrong. I will tell everyone not to . go to USAA and to not trust them. So much for being number one USAA and for being there. You lie to millions of people.
Sincerely a very upset member


Hello @Anner, I am terribly sorry to hear about the auto accident and of your injuries. I understand your frustration with the delay in resolving your claim and would like to have this matter reviewed. I will be escalating your concerns to a subject matter expert for additional review. Someone will be reaching out to you directly to discuss. Thank you. ~Nekeysha

Somehow I don’t believe this at all. I have fought with you guys over a year. Did what I was told from the beginning and yet you still keep denying me help to get this resolved and bills paid for that I shouldn’t have to pay because the accident wasn’t my fault. I’m extremely disappointed with USAA and that they don’t actually protect and help their members.

consult injury lawyer, you should have 6 years to file and complete your claim from date of accident, this is unless you've already accepted payment for the claim from USAA.