No opportunity to offer feedback--big corporate non caring service through and through --will not expect apologies from management...I will share this awful experience with others


Quit spamming, post all your stuff in the first thread ya made...

Hi Tamu,

We would like to hear more about why you are disappointed, please use this form to provide details and a way we can contact you to get your issue resolved. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you

I will got a military credit union next time
Molan, are you being paid to be the USAA police? Quit trolling.

Well, this completely detail free complaint has certainly convinced me....maybe you should 'got a military credit union' next time.

You are absolutely right!!!!! I have been with this going to sht bank for 29 years and slowly transferring to Navy Federal Ceredit Union. I have had a mortgage with USAA, two car loans, home and auto insurance, personal loan and a credit card, in which I have paid (some closing) I also have credit check monitoring that I pay for every month. So I applied for a refinance and guess what, denied! USAA now go strickly with inacurate credit scores namely with Eqifax (the most inaccurate can't get my name or past addresses right) USAA promotes Experian's Credit Monitor, which I use BUT DOn't USE the very same credit reporting agency they promote!  WTH.....I'm done with these money grubbing POS!