The USAA system has gotten to BIG and has lost the touch of individual member. I remember when I was commissioned that they sent me my first pair of shoulder boards. Did a good job at that time to transfer multiple accounts all into one. Now USAA is nothing more than a Bank of America with anonymous face. Like one old timer said he had been here for 51 years and cannot get in touch with a talking head, don’t feel bad old timer I have been here over 30 years and I can’t either but I know when it is time to go, that it is today. To Toni in the Colorado Springs call center, you win and lose customers one at a time. You just lost another.


Thanks for posting to the Community, TooBigforMe. This certainly isn't the way we want our members to feel, and would hate to see you leave. Please advise on when is a good time to reach out and get more details on your specific situation. - Cathleen

No response is needed. It is what it is.