Thanks USAA, for having such a small network, that it would have taken 3 hours sitting in the dark in my wrecked car, in a ditch, in freezing weather before anyone from your network could get to me. 02/20/2019
Thanks USAA, for your robotic agents who practically hung up on me after I informed her that I cannot wait 3 hours for someone to arrive, but I will have to call the 911.
Thanks USAA, for not providing information about your “network” and basically not giving me an option to choose. I was stranded without a vehicle, in an unfamiliar town, so I went to the closest Enterprise, and by default the nearest repair shop (Riley’s)
Thanks USAA, for the lack of communication between your insurance agents and body shop, which is “not part of USAA network”.
Thanks USAA, that even after 3-way conversation with the auto shop, which confirmed that I had no idea that there was a discussion about the possibility that repairs may take longer than expected.
Thanks USAA, for not informing me that you denied the request for rental extension. I received that information from Enterprise, and the auto shop.
Thanks USAA, that after 10 years of insuring my vehicles with you, 3 auto claims, that you refused to pay $452.00 for the rental car extension I needed, because it took longer for my vehicle repair than expected.
Thanks USAA, that as of March, 26 2019. I have not received reimbursement for my out-of-pocket payment because neither Riley’s and I had not receive any form of payment form USAA.

Thanks USAA for your EXCELLENT service to Veterans and their families.
“We are here to serve the military and their families,” said USAA CEO Stuart Parker. “Trust is the foundation of our relationships with members, and our world-class employees work to earn it every day by embracing our core values: honesty, integrity, loyalty and service.”
USAA CEO Stuart Parker



It’s disheartening to hear about your claim experience, and please know that we never want you to feel this way regarding our service.  I have escalated your situation to a subject matter expert who will be reaching out to you to address your concerns.   Thanks~Mike 

This is standard treatment by USAA now it seems.  Customer service and support for the members has gone down the drain.