Thank you for not being there, pack of thieves

I’m in the middle of of a Chap 13 payment plan. It’s going well. On time, paid off my car 2 years ago. Loan was not usaa. Now it’s time to purchase a basic car. Used, home to work. Called your loan office and simply asked what your automatic disqualifies are. Any loan officer worth their salt could’ve said “we use experience, if you are 2 1/2 years into a repayment plan, you will have insufficient credit history and no score after 6 months because experience uses that to score fico, and oh by the way a bankruptcy with no credit history is a stinking no brained. What you wanted was to get your loan application numbers up and played dumb. Losers, thieves, liars the whole bunch. By the way, the home owners ins I have with you? Covered a whopping $800 on getting a new roof. Depreciation what? Underinsured, your agents didn’t have my best interests in mind, your welcome for the free money and the credit tape.


Experience = Experian
I do believe navy federal is going to get my banking business and you are going to lose it.

NavyVeteran5234 - Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your concerns. I was able to locate your information and confirmed your concerns have been forwarded to the appropriate team for review. Please be assured you will be contacted once we've had an opportunity to review this matter further - Tricia