I'm a nearly 20 year USAA member and have my banking, homeowners & car insurance with the company. My extended family also uses USAA & have had nothing but praise when filing a claim. That has not been my experience.  I have never filed a claim before, but was in a collision on 12/13. There were issues with the other driver's insurance (it was an Uber driver, his fault) so USAA took the lead. I thought I was in good hands, but it seems that I'm in a never ending cycle of delays and blame shifting. I just got my valuation for a total loss yesterday; however, the required paperwork for the title won't be here until next WEDNESDAY, meaning that I won't see any money until a few days AFTER THAT.  With this claim, I have found out that USAA works with a third party, Snapsheet, to perform valuations. The've slow walked this thing for weeks, despite having photos & info on 12/18. The person is in another state, and has never looked at my car in person. (My body shop did not have good things to say about Snapsheet.) In the meantime, my adjuster was switched with no communication. I only found that out when I logged on to get an update on my claim. There has simply been NO proactive communication on the part of USAA. I've never been able to speak to the same person twice, so I have to explain the situation to a new person every time. Additionally, I cannot get a straight answer on if I will be reimbursed for a rental car, even though it was clearly the other driver's fault. All the agents at USAA are home for the weekend or off for the holidays, and I'm left with no help, no check, no car, and all while trying to purchase a new one. 

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@MJ76 Thank you for reaching out to us we have escalated your concerns. Please allow 1 to 2 business days for a subject matter expert to follow up with you.