Terrible Customer Service

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Please stop moving posts to areas that were not intended.  this post was about substandard customer service from USAA.  Not about "Insurance".  I have had a similar issue with my annuities.  The fact is that those that have jobs supporting USAA members do to have the proper tools or managerial support they need to do their jobs effectively.  In my case I have been working since January to get the payouts on two annuities set up and deposited into my bank account.  I am still uncertain if they have been set up correctly because I am blocked from viewing them.  On more than one occasion a manager has told me all is well and it turns that all is not well.  The last manager I spoke to told me that the systems at USAA are not integrated so that the customer service person is required to enter the same information more than once.  One time for the website and one for internal processing.  It is no wonder we are seeing all of these difficulties.  At this point all of my accounts at USAA have been closed except for the annuities that will remain there forever.  All of these issues are correctable if there is a concerted effort by leadership to correct them.  the fact is that such programs a ESG have overwhelmed customer service.  It is far past the time for USAA leadership to provided the management, tools and environment for employees to do their jobs effectively.  That also means employees working in the office and not at home with barking dogs in the background.

@Prop Guy. I regret your frustration. I've forwarded your comments regarding this matter to the appropriate area. - Ben