Today was the worst USAA service experience I have ever had.  Enough to make me consider changing my insurer for the first time in over 30 years.



IMG_4452.jpegIMG_4455.jpegIMG_4454.jpegMy daughter lives in Colorado, married to a U.S. Army soldier, and recently had her car damaged severely by the recent hail storms around Ft. Carson.  Damaged so severely that it can't be driven.  I co-signed her loan for this car, and recently we had her start her own policy with USAA (which I pay for through my checking account) as a step towards independence.  Basically I own the car until she pays it off, and I pay for the insurance with USAA.  So, I have vested interest in the vehicle and its condition.


The storm this past week damaged a large number of vehicles on Ft. Carson as you might imagine, including her husband's truck.

I had her call USAA to file the claim and arrange for a rental car.  A rental car that is part of the insurance policy.


Apparently Enterprise is the only authorized rental car agency, and as you might imagine, there is not a car available.  They have all been taken.  USAA's answer was to tell her that her ONLY option was to rent a car from another agency, and submit a claim.  That might be possible if they weren't tight on finances and just recently married.  Apparently USAA doesn't view that as a problem.  However, I do view it as a problem considering the THOUSANDS of dollars I have paid USAA for insurance over the years and NEVER had to use for anything more than a tow truck!!!!


I called USAA this afternoon and ended up talking with a very nice agent who was only able to deliver scripted answers and either was incapable of elevating my issue to someone who could actually assist with my dilemma or was prevented from doing so by USAA policy.  I ended up frustrated and angry.  I didn't use any profanity, but I definitely made sure she knew I was angry.  Hopefully USAA will review the recording, because after more than 30 years of loyalty to a company that I have respected and depended on, I am ready to cancel and look for VALUE in my relationship.  And yeah, she hung up on me.  I don't like people who patronize and attempt to talk over me.


How does USAA fix this?  Call my daughter and authorized a rental car from any agency they choose that can fulfill the TERMS of her insurance!  Now.  I pay my premiums without fail, because I am contractually obligated to do so.  USAA is obligated to provide the SERVICES she (I) pays for.  When your customers need you, they don't need excuses, cryptic fine print, or avoidance behavior.  We need help, not BS.  Give me a reason to be a "member for life".  Your sales pitch should mean something.


Hello @CyberSamurai, I am sorry to hear that your daughter was affected by the recent hailstorm and hope she is doing okay. I understand the need for a rental vehicle and will be escalating your concerns to a subject matter expert in hopes of a resolution. Rest assured this matter will be reviewed and someone will be contacting your daughter directly to discuss. ~Nekeysha

Navy Federal.