Thud 808

Warning to all using USAA/TrueCar possible buyers.


I have all my insurance/real estate/auto/life through USAA. I thought since I am a 800+ credit score , all bills paid on time, an auto loan through USAA should be the nest way.....Negative.  Checked with my local credit union... just go find a car and your interets is 2.75% No multiple special pieces of paper to print out/fax or email or a side button to click. Just go to any website or dealer. So much more convienant.


USAA a car through us for finaincing and through TrueCar and it will be 1.99%!


First issue is TrueCar website is terrible, it is not user friendly. Im not terribly upset on that as I dont want USAA waisting money on website development, but its not even their website! Saved searches/ comparing cars.. ect are not user friendly. I finanly get what I wanted, print out the fianicng paperwork and go down to the dealer.


The email USAA sent me said "Just print this out and take it with you". So I did. Did that email say make sure you print out a sepearte 8x11 piece of paper?......nope.


USAA refuses to honor the 1.99% rate. I did not print out the rigth piece of paper to prove I contacted the dealership through TruCar. I forward a copy of my browser history that shows the same car/vin # I bought was viewed through TrueCar. USAA says no. I sent them the proof as one of the "management reviewers said send in proof you went through TrueCar to find the vehicle you brought and we will try to get the promised discount. I highly doubt anyone tried very hard... came back as..nope.


How about the .25% disclosunt for direct checking withdrawal;...oh...that was already given at the 2.99% What a crock.


I believe the big point was .."We want to see that you used TrueCar to find the dealership". I did prove it, but USAA/TrueCar wants their .99% more then a life long customer.


 I'm done with USAA. I will be reviewing my options during renewal time to move my business elsewhere. It is incredibly disappointing they are only out for the dollar. I used to believe USAA was here for service members and their families. It appears they are not anymore and joined up with slimey company like TrueCar to weasel out a few percentage points out of its membership.




Thud 808, this is disappointing to hear. Your membership is valued, and we don't want to see you leave. Your feedback is important, and I am engaging a team of business specialists to review and follow-up with you to discuss your experience. We appreciate the opportunity to further assist. -Meredith