Hello! I have twin boys that will begin driving next year. I'm curious how this will impact my car insurance? I understand that I need to add them when they receive their learner's permit- but no rate increase will occur until their receive their full licence, is this correct? And how much of a rate increase is typical if no vehicles are added immeadiately? 


Thank you! 


Hello @merc5! Wow, exciting times for them, I'm sure! Thank you for reaching out to USAA via the Community with your inquiry. You are correct, adding them to your policy as learners will not impact the premium of your auto policy. Once they receive their drivers' licenses and are changed to licensed operators, then of course there will be some sort of impact on the premium. There is not a typical nor expected amount I can provide to you, as it really varies depending on the rating factors of your policy, such as location, how many vehicles and what kind, the frequency of usage, discounts/savings opportunities that can be applied, and so many others. However, we can certainly quote what you can expect the change to look like, if you are interested. If so, please send me a private message and we can get started!


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