So many times we hear "Thank you for your Service" to my Husband who served 28 Years with the Army. (KING OF BATTLE!!) While it NEVER gets old, I will tell you, coming back to the US was a challenge after being over seas for 10 years and trying to buy a car!.


We found our house to rent in NC after retirement and are now planning to buy it! NOW we've used the CAR buying SERVICE they have. Yesterday, I purchased the perfect car for my husband while he is in the VA Hospital, and I never left the house until it was time to sign the paperwork!! I cried when I called in to change over the insurance. I was so greatful.


THANK YOU SO MUCH USAA for your faithful service to us. We've been members for almost 10 years and eveyday you have proven your committment to us. From the bottom of our hearts, you have made Banking, insurance and purchasing much easier.


Alan and Janet



JStuard, WOW!


Thank you for this amazing testimonial! It is our privilege to serve your family during your time of service and retirement. We would like to thank you not only for your long time membership, but more importantly for your family's service to our country!


Please let us know if we can do anything else for you and your family!