Will someone with USAA or the USAA Community advise me as to which midsize SUV's are equipped with 2 rows of regular seats and have a " fold down" 3 row of seats.  It doesn't matter if the 3rd row seating is 2 seats or 1 seat.

My concern isn't so much the make of the vehicle, but the seating capacity. 

Please respond,



The Dodge Journey (all variants) has a manufacurer's option for "Flexible Seating." Any Journeys with this option have 2 to 7 seats based on the seat configuration (which seats are collapsed or folded up). The second row is a typical "3 person" bench seat in which the middle seat is a bit tight. I think most people would consider such "3 person" bench seats to be for 3 children or for three slim/athletic adults (who are not on a road trip). The thrid row seats two comfortably. The third row seats completely collapse in order to create a large cargo area. For our family the Journey has been the perfect mid-size SUV. It seats our four-person family just fine and gives us the option for two additional seats whenever parents/in-laws are visiting. With the third row collaped, the cargo area can fit our Thule Chariot 2 double stoller or a couple of bikes. If you want to take a look at some pictures, our Journey is listed on the USAA Marketplace.