I contacted someone selling a used car through the app and I'm finding their reluctance to share the license plate # for a carfax lookup very fishy. With carfax I can use the Vin but it's limited to 5 lookups but unlimited for license plate so I'd rather use the plate than spend $30. It's a private seller so he does have one but he claimed that "he doesn't normally give it out. "

Outside of a stolen license plate why would he refuse and stop responding?



Thanks for letting us know. If you could send us more details here about the listing and interaction you are describing, we can have someone look into it with more details. Thank you!

Obsiously doesn't want to sell the vehicle bad enough or he'd be transparent and willing to oblige you.  Or...perhaps he's paranoid and suffers from a mental illness.

Thanks ya'll.
I followed the link and submitted the listing and issue accordingly.