Smoove B

Hello USAA,


My spouse was stranded in her car at 15 degrees for several hours on the side of a Colorado highway.  Your business partner, Agero, told us that no tow truck was available, even after substantial efforts and research.  The state police told both Agero, my spouse, and myself to leave the car as there would be no help forthcoming, and the situation was becoming a threat to her health and safety.  Agero checked in on us until 2:30 AM and made sure my spouse was home safe.  The Agero supervisor told us the tow was on hold in our account and all we needed to do was call back in the morning to get things going again.  


This morning, USAA grilled my spouse with dozens of questions about what happened.  Why did she leave the car?  Were there witnesses?  What exactly happened?  There were dash lights?  What does that mean?  How many dash lights were there?  What is the name of the specific state patrolman?  The USAA representative refused to state that our coverage even extended to the mechanical issue that led to her being stranded.  When I called USAA, the representative repeatedly prodded me for potential solutions.  Have I considered getting it towed to a local repair shop?  Was there potential body damage?  Eventually, the representative simply hung up on me. 


I called back and worked my way through the phone tree to Agero again.  Like last night, they were helpful.  We agreed we could get the car towed to a nearby repair shop and prepared an estimate for if we needed to have it towed all the way home.  


Our car remains far from home, and we are incurring expenses, such as for a rental car (USAA declined to even consider coverage for a rental, even though it is clearly covered by our policy).  I am putting together a plan to get the car back from the mountains myself.  From a systems perspective, it appears USAA simply does not have a workflow for a claim when a car breaks down and cannot be immediately towed.  


My family has been a customer of USAA for I believe about 50 years, and my spouse's family likewise.  We were surprised by the negative and accusing tone of the USAA representatives in this circumstance.  Even a cursory review of our account(s) would show our loyalty and safe driving records.  I plan to prepare an accounting of our out-of-pocket expenses to present to USAA.  We would also welcome a contact by a supervisor or manager to make this situation right.


@Smoove B, I am terribly sorry to hear about your spouse's ordeal in those weather conditions and I want to have your concerns looked into regarding your claims experience. I have located the claim and I am escalating this to a subject matter expert. They will look into the situation and reach out to you. Thank you.

I got a call from someone at the USAA Advocacy Team.  When I called back, it went straight to message.  I left a message explaining very specifically that I work for a living and could I potentially set up a specific time to talk.  The second message I received said I could call "any time."  I called back again and this time I received a message that the person I was trying to reach didn't have a valid mailbox - the call was terminated.  I would love to talk with someone at USAA re- what happened (I was able to retrieve our car from the mountains after a 4-hour bus ride and we're currently trying to get our towing reimbursed), but the saga continues for now!  Feel free to give me a call (and set up a specific time to talk).  

Thank you for your message. I'm sorry you were not able to reach the Advocacy Team by phone. I will ask a business specialist to follow-p with you. Please expect contact within 3 business days.