I thought I was a valued customer and have had an auto insurance policy with USAA for almost 20 years. I have full coverage auto insurance, but it doesn't cover sun damage to the paint job. I moved down to El Paso and within months my clear coat started to peel. I called USAA and was treated very rude and got the run around from one of their third party vendors. I was finally outsourced to one of their recommended collision centers and I was told, USAA doesn't cover sun damage to clear coat and paint job. It has to be from the elements. Wait, isn't the sun part of the elements? It is but USAA considers it to be fair wear and tear. He went on to say sun damage is common in El Paso. So if Sun Damage is common, why isn't it covered? He recommended that a field agent look at it . The field agent classified it as fair wear and tear. The cost of a basic paint job 5k. The assistance from my insurance policy 0.


AWHIII, I am terribly sorry to hear about the sun damage to your vehicle and your concerns with the auto coverage. I have located your information and I am escalating your situation to the claims service manager to review further and reach out to you. Thank you.