USAA has gotten into bed with businesses that do not live up to the Standards that I have come to expect and appreciate and it has directly affected how they themselves conduct business.  My wife and I are victims of personal property and vehicle thief.  This occurred in June of last year.  Upon receiving USAA's payoff offer we mutally agreed to reject it.  We had a "Custom 2007 Harley Davidson Softtail Deluxe" stolen and when I say "Custom", this was the winning Bike of a Biker Build-off Competition.  When it was purchased we were required to provide proof via the dealership as to why the bike was being sold nearly 15G's above MSRP so that we could finance it through USAA.  I argued for 6 months with USAA that the original offer was to low and unacceptable.  I finally found some original paperwork and they went back over the offer and increased it by almost 2000, almost being the key word.  So we received paperwork requirements from USAA's total loss contractor IAA - Insurance Auto Auctions (Salvage Cars for Sale) and because we had loss our title papers during our move 6 months prior to the loss we went to DMV to get a new title.  Oops, because the vehicle is reported as stolen Washington won't issue a title, instead we were given an "Affidavit of Loss and Release" form at no cost.  We FedEx this to IAA and waited 3 weeks, it was only going to take 3 days to receive our payment.  I finally called USAA and they tell me that we sent the wrong forms in.  Three months later, after a verbal conversation with Washington State DMV personnel and USAA explaining that it is not possible to obtain a new title we were required to resend the same form in, the first one from Nov/Dec was loss by IAA and USAA.  Bottom line, it took 8 months to settle our claim for total vehicle loss and I don’t get me started on the $6000 minus $2000 deductible that we received for the nearly $[removed sensitive data] personal property loss from the same incident.  USAA’s Standards have hit ROCK BOTTOM and after 18 years I am now in the market for not only a new insurance company, but a new finance company as well.  


@SuB Standard Service Thank you for sharing your recent claims experience. I have escalated your concerns to a subject matter expert to review further. They will be following up with you in the next 2 to 3 business days. 

25G's that's the amount USAA doesn't want me to share and keeps removing from my post.