Stuck with jeep that should have been totaled

In april 2013 i purchased a 2014 jeep compass for 22K. I then transferred overseas to Belgium and insured my car with USAA. In Dec 2014 I hit black ice and spun into another vehicle. The original damage estimation was a little over 8K. I was told my car was not totaled but I wasnt given a value estimate. After all was said and done, my repairs were approximately $9300. With jeeps depreciation value I cannot imagine my car was worth more than 14K at the time. Fast forward to now, and I cannot trade in or sell my vehicle for more than $7000 because of the accident. Should this have been a total loss??? Do I have any rights here? Although the accident was technically my fault, I still pay for full coverage and have no prior accidents....


Overseas struggles,


Thank you for reaching out in Member Community.  I have asked a business specialist to follow up with you regarding your concerns.