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My real name is Angela Hatcher, & this is at least my fifth attempt to gain resolve with serious issues I have had with the car purchased through you car buying service---if someone from USAA or TRUE CAR VALUE has called, it happened while I was at work; albeit, I can note no such attempts since my last request, which was July 30th. The list of repairs needed has grown & the costs keep esculating; COSTS I MADE PLAIN THAT I DO NOT BELIEVE TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR, NOR CAN I AFFORD. I NEED TO SPEAK WITH AN ASSOCIATE TODAY: MY PHONE NUMBER IS **********.


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Warrioress, I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues with your car. We are reviewing and we will reach out to you as soon as possible. - Janay

Janay, I need USAA to please understand that urgency is of the essence here. I have uploaded multiple photos to the "I'm Not Sure" catagory, to provide further proof of my claims. EVERY PROFESSIONAL EXCEPT TRUE CAR VALUE AGREES, I COULD NOT HAVE CAUSED THE PROBLEMS TO THIS CAR IN THE SHORT PERIOD I HAD DRIVEN IT, BEFORE FIRST CONTACTING USAA WITH HEAVY CONCERNS ON JUNE 17th.