Still Waiting for a Manager Callback / Been assured twice now it would occur in 24 hrs.


As a long time and loyal USAA member - my frustration is mounting. 


A major error was made with a recent loan trascation - an error that was no fault of my own - and after many hours on the phone with countless representatives over the last week - I have been assured twice that a manager would contact me within 24 hours. Sparing everyone the fine details - in short, I was given a loan in error that was 52% greater than the amount requested. I have attempted multiple times to have this error corrected. 


I have heard nothing. 


I have always held USAA in the highest regards. Many of my friends and colleagues have actually expressed envy of my membership - wishing they too could work with what they had heard was an excellent and pretigious organization. 


I understand errors occur. But what amazes me and is increasingly frustrating is how difficult USAA is making this to correct. 


To management - you all are much better than this. Own this error. Fix it. Keep providing the excellent member experience you all have made a reputation on. Otherwise - you will continue to loose long-time, loyal members - that at one point - could never imagine leaving. 


FrogMD, this is disappointing to hear. We strive to provide excellent service, and regret to hear we have not been meeting your needs. I am engaging a business specialist to review these concerns and follow-up with you. We appreciate your membership. -Meredith 

The plain and simple facts are: Management ISN'T better than that. The sooner you realize this reality, the better off you are.