Well VETS, it's been about three weeks now and still no resolution to my complaint. I did get a phone call from a claims manager and she continues to tell me the same stuff she told me last yeah. Was trying to use wording to blame me for my lost. At first she was saying it was the shops fault but now its mine. I asked her to reopen my case so they could reinvestigate she told me they wouldn't be reopening my case. I also filed a complaint with my states Insurance Department to see if they would help resolve my issue with this company. USAA responded to the Insurance Department with a butch of fabricated lies about coversations I had and some conversations I didn't have with them. Lies about what happen in my accident. Giving accounts of what happened in the accident from a service advisor like he was in the car with me.  They said I seized the motor by driving my car around in my yard without oil until the car just shut down. Which was a lie!!! I'm still trying to find out how this is possible because I got my car out of the shop and put over a thousand miles on it before it went back into the shop. USAA said they had a physical damage specialist to look at the car and he determined the motor was seized from starting the car and backing out of the garage. I want to  know where this physical damage specialist was when my car came into the shop the first time with undercarriage damage and punctured oil pan. I need a better explaination, rather you trying to find fault in my actions to deny my claim you should be taking a closer look at my car to see any underlying damage that could've happened. Continuing to brush me off isn't going to work. "I NEED A RESOLUTION!!!"


evening to you shippwrecked,

I'm sorry to hear about your situation, I myself have had an unresolved issue for more than the last three weeks! however until today when i spoke to a Mr. Rich Wagner he genuinely seemed to be empathetic to my situation and resolved it today. prior to speaking to him I called to speak to a Mr. Mcquery (not sure of correct spelling) the Representative who answered my call tried to get him on the phone with me and apparently he was to busy or just did not care to be bothered by my unresolved claim. he relayed a message to the rep i was talking too and stated that no evidence of claim and I informed the rep that he is wrong and i would like to speak to him and suddenly within a couple minutes of being on hold Mr. Mcquery had stepped out of the office?  being extremly frustrated i called and left a message for my original claims adjuster Sara Valentine to please call me asap and about thirty minutes later Mr. Rich Wagner called me and was awesome and seemed sensible and understood the obvious proof of my claim and had a check cut and is being sent to me in 5-7 business days. USAA needs more rich wagners and need to get rid of this Mcquery guy, he almost cost them my insurance policy btw i have two vehicles and a motorcycle plus a rv insured through  insurance  sister company. so if you can contact Mr Wagner hopefully he can resolve your issue. Good Luck!

Thanks. I will most definetly try and get in contact with him as soon as I can. I'm close to leaving this company and telling all my family and friend to tell their friends to do the same.