I just got out of bankruptcy and I would like to know if USAA will approve my car & home loans. Has anyone had any experience with USAA?


You will have to check with them but they have not been helpful to me. During my 12+ years with USAA I had a number of car loans and a credit card that I paid off with auto withdraws and never missed a car payment ever. During my divorce we had a number of rental properties go into foreclosure. This was totally beyond my control and my X was the primary borrower. Now I have rebuilt my life and have an income over $80,000 and USAA will not give me car loan. Before the divorce my X and I had excellent credit and now USAA wouldn't even me a credit card without me giving them the full line of credit in up front money. I feel my 12+ years of being loyal to USAA and never making them wait for a payment was completely wasted. I'm going to have to get a loan through a regular bank with a high interest rate but USAA would rather I not have adequate transportation for my family. They won't even offer me a high interest loan. I wish I had used my local credit union for my loans and credit cards all these years. They at least might show some appreciation for my loyalty and perfect payment record over the years with them. USAA shows no appreciation for their members they only care about the money they get from them. It is a business first and foremost and the idea that they take care of you because you are a veteran is absolutely not true. They have no loyalty Good luck.


I am sorry to hear about your experience with our auto and home loan department. I would like someone to take a second look at your situation and see if there is anything we can do for you. Would you please send us a message here with the best way to contact you? We look forward to hearing from you.

CGMom I do apologize for what you've been through I wish the best for you. I am going to try another bank. Thank you for your response.