Stamford CT Subaru should be removed from Car buying dealer list

We went through USAA Car buying services to assist my Mother in the purchase of a new car.  Both My Brother and I are USAA members and have bought our car with their assistance.  We were surprised to see that Garavel Subaru was not on the list of dealers to go through.  They used to be on the list and are in the same town in which my mother resides.  My brother went to them using the service two years ago.  We decided to go to one of the recommended Car buying dealers the next town over in Stamford CT.  I want to say that we were treated very poorly at this dealer.  We had spoken to a salesman on the phone and he quoted my mother with a price that was near what USAA had said.  He said it would have all the bells and whistles model.  When we got there, he had turned us over to another salesman who treated us like he didnt even want to sell us a car.  He got the other salesman on the phone and they said...oh no...we can't do the car with all the features we wanted and that what they meant by all the bells and whistles was the base model.  We told him that in anyones dictionary....all the bells and whistles...means all the features.  We walked out. They were rude and lied about pricing, etc.  We ended up driving straiight to Garavel in Norwalk, Ct and we were treated amazingly.  They were selling cars like crazy, but Gary took the time to understand our needs and he negotiated a great price with my brother for "all the bells and whistles" top of the line car with great service warranties.  We promised to always use Garavel to bring our cars for maintenance and were done with the deal in a very short amount of time.  Gary has kept us up to date evey week on the status of our new car purchase and when it will arrive.  He was fantastic.  I highly recommend that USAA put them back on their list of Subaru dealers to go to.  You won't be disappointed.  And remove Stamford Subaru from their list.  They are deceiving, lying, scammers who are very rude to their potential customers.  No way to sell a car.




I will be sure to pass along this feedback to the right team for review. Thank you for sharing with us in Community.