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So short and sweet. May 20th guy runs red light destroys my car. May 27th they five me a number for totaled car. June 1st sent the paper work for them to pay the settlement number. Was given a rental from the 20th to the 3rd (includes 7 days of "after declaring totaled"). Today is June 30th. They still haven't paid the car off! I have no car to get back and forth to work I have to rely on someone to drive me!. I can't get a new car till it's paid (according to dealerships). Friday June 25th i had called and they said 24 to 48 hours (so I gave them till tuesday) i am about done with USAA. They haven't taken my car off the insurance so I'm still paying insurance on a car I can't drive. Something needs to be fixed here.

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So sorry to hear someone else is experiencing prolonged delays in service.  I have had a similar experience.  My accident occurred on 4 Jun, and initially was declared a total loss (although no adjuster had actually seen the vehicle).  My final payment processed on 10 Aug.  My vehicle rental was only partially covered, and I am still without a vehicle.  The insinuation was that my extended repair time was solely due to my repair facility, not because of failure to advise on what repairs would be covered.  So much for having rental car coverage on the policy...guess it really meant, we'll pay part of your rental/repair costs.

Welcome to the new USAA whose main mission is to enrich it's CEO and upper management.  After this situation, I would take my business else.  You will be surprised at the money you will save and far better customer service you will experience.  What has been intentionally done to USAA is an absolute disgrace.

Who? Why?  ---TY

Hello @13Boom, I can see the concern for your situation and definitely want to help with having your claim concerns addressed. I'm engaging a specialist to review your information and to follow-up with you. -Paula

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