So much for my 20% reduction?? Just got my bill and it's more then last payment! Is this a ripoff or what?


Hello! In the coming weeks, every member with an active auto insurance policy in March 2020 will receive a one-time credit equal to 20% of two months of premiums. Additional communication will be sent out during the last week of April. The credit will be automatically applied to the P&C bill and will appear on the following month’s statement. Members do not have to choose a preference for this to occur. Thank you for your membership. 

From what I’ve been told, the 20% won’t go out until the last week of the month, so next week basically.

@Dark1202, thank you for your question about when will the credit appear.  Each member's policy will have a different billing cycle and depending on that date, the credit will appear on their billing statements.  The credit was just announced almost two weeks ago and if your billing statement didn't reflect the credit, then your next Auto & Property statement will show the credit onto your premium.  ~ Marco