So USAA have randomly under the cover of night gotten rid of if you want full coverage for your new vehicle.... I wouldn't recommend financing through USAA anymore.

There suggestions for acquring gap for your newly purchased vehicle... "Ask the dealership" cause that's an f*ing thing. 🙄


@Gungrave223, thank you for your feedback regarding GAP. I will certainly have your feedback submitted to the appropriate area for review. To best assist you with this, please reach out to our Loan Department at 800-531-8722. Thank you. ~Sarah

Shop around.  You will find rates way better than USAA's.

Doesn't USAA call it "Total Loss Protection" instead of GAP? which is only offered on their auto loans. Unfortunately, once you've paid off the vehicle--it's no longer there. They don't offer it as part of their auto insuranace policy.