We used the Car Buying Service (CBS) to purchase a 2014 Mazda 6 in 2013. The experience was phenominal. MSRP was $28k and we ended up paying just $23K. After that we raved to everyone we knew to use the CBS. Well that was back in the good old days prior to CBS being associated with True Cars. 

Engaged the CBS yesterday to look for a 2019 CX-9. Received offers from 3 local dealerships that were admittedly below MSRP, but also at the high end and beyond of what KBB and others determine as a "good price". I then went onto Auto Trader and started doing my own research. I was amazed to find 2 dealerships (1 within 50 miles of the house and the other 130 miles away) offering the exact same vehicle at prices substantially below those offered by dealerships promoted by CBS and True Car.

The take away for me is that CBS is no longer my go-to if I want to save money when purchasing a new auto. 

What a shame that USAA has opted to abandon what was previously a fantastic service.



@Treadboldly, I am very sorry to hear of this experience that occurred. I will submit your feedback regarding this. -Colleen