Drew B
I had a winshield replaced a month ago and still can get a straight answer on my claim. Ive been mislead, misdirected and lied to along the way and cant seem to get anyone to answer my concerns clealy or get properly reimbursed for my claim. My compliants gone unheard. The people ive been speaking to dont work past 4 PM and I refuse to take off any more time from work to deal with this issue. How do I reach a person, with authority to resolve my issues( not just read a script) on the weekend or after 4 PM eastern? Id like an actual name of a person, not a generic number. My next message today is to the Insurance commissioner and Better Business Bureau.


I can understand how this would be frustrating for you, @Drew B. I've sent a request to a Subject Matter Expert to look into your situation and review the claim. Please allow sufficient time for the research to be completed.

Thanks for your prompt reply. It is far faster than the service I recieved to date. However, Ive waited long enough. I need a resolution and a name to speak to in leadership. I dont need a “specialist”.
Recieved follow up call this week and claim is still not resolved to my satisfaction. I provided my warranty with explicilty states nonfactory parts and non factory repairs will not be covered. However, USAA says theyd have to get legal involved to do any additional review which is always a losing game.

This has been one of three or four claims Ive made with USAA and they have never had my back. Im also still waiting for my issues on the poor customer service to be addressed. In the meantime, ill go talk to other insurance companies to abuse me. I suggest everyone else does as well.
I agree. My husband and I were treated horribly