I moved my auto insurance to USAA about three years ago.  In the past two years my rates have increased almost 28%, including a 15% increase last month (June 2019).  After speaking with a very courteous CSR (Josh) yesterday, the only explanation offered is rising accident rates in Kentucky.  It has been more than 30 years since I have filed a claim with any insurance carrier save a windshield replacement from a crack caused by a rock from a semi.  Josh told me posting here was my only recourse for expressing my disappointment to USAA management.  While I am happy with my USAA demand deposit accounts, I did not experience a grand total of 28% in increases over 15 years with State Farm.  Time to start insurance shopping if annual double digit increases are the USAA norm. 

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Good morning @Unitic and thank you for sharing your auto insurance experience with us.  The State of Kentucky did place a statewide increase on our members policies when comparing them to last renewals starting earlier this year.  I truly appreciate your safe driving, but many factors contributed to the increase from trending claims to increases on materials and labor when it came to repairs and replacements.  I have forwarded your feedback to the appropriate area sharing your concerns about increasing rates and reasons for shopping around.  If you like another insurance review, please don't hesitate reaching out to our chat or phone specialists to review and update your savings and discounts.  Thank you for your membership and we always look forward to hearing from our members.  ~ Marco


Clark Howard (who is a big proponent of USAA) says to shop auto insurance evey two years.  Insurance companies don't reward loyalty to their brands typically.


Of course there are many factors involved in insurance rates-including credit scoring; those kinds of rate increases seem off the charts to me.