Hello, this military spouse thing is a bit difficult to grasp as well as keep up with. My husband and I were recently married while I was in the military. I am separating and he (Active Duty Soldier) has PCSed to Fort Sill, seeing as how I'm considered an "acquired dependent" I have to pay for my move from California to Oklahoma. I was wondering if there are any relatively inexpensive car shipping companies that you all may suggest. I really didn't want to drive nor spend over $1,000 to ship my vehicle.


Please help! :-(


If you are separating from the military, your separation orders should pay for your HHG/shipping of car to your home of record.  you can chose to ship to other location and pay the difference.


also are you currently CONUS or OCONUS?  because you got married prior to separation, you automatically becomes his dependent and should be entitled transportation from current duty station to next duty station.


what branch of service are you?



additional, since the military will only ship one vehicle (sponsor), you can use your separation orders to ship your...  you have upto one year to use your separation entitlements.


just take copy of your separation orders to personal property/TMO...


I'm in the Army National Guard, I'm not separating just transferring between States. I am currently on Active Duty orders and going back to my National Guard status.

I'm looking for reputable shipping companies for my vehicle as well. My husband is separating from the navy, and they only pay to ship your car if the servicemember is incapacitated, or something along those lines (we were already told they won't chip our car when we moved two years ago for this PCS). Has anyone used a company they'd recommend?