Does anyone have experience shipping a car to a CONUS PCS destination? We just started building our family and with very young children we'd like to travel in the same vehicle. Is there a reasonably priced way to move a 2nd vehicle?


Hello, after 14 years in the military, we shipped both our vehicles last year for the first time because my spouse had an injury, we were traveling cross country and we also have 2 small children. It went smoothly. Since the military does not cover the cost, we sought out the transportation office on base and they had a list of local shippers. We called around, got some bids and chose one that we felt best. They picked up our vehicles. We had to get a rental car for a short period, but it was worth it to fly (a covered expense that the military paid for) with our 2 small children cross country (NC to CA). We then rented a car at the airport and had it for a few days until our vehicles arrived. It was worth it (about $1800 for both because of the distance).
Do you remember the name of the company you used? I'm searching for a shipping company now too (also NC to CA) and I'm worried about ending up with one that isn't very reputable/honest. Thanks!

Who did you use, I need a carrier too.

Hi Folks, We moved from Long Island, NY to Sunnyvale, CA this year. We shipped our Ford Escort using Auto Transport 360, out of Weston, FL. The car arrived a couple of days late with no damage and all of our belongings uptouched and intact. Our only issue was that the company does not seem to have control over the cross country transport drivers. Would we use them again - yes. Good Luck, Patrick Striplin CW4, USA Retired
I wish I had asked the right people the right answers when I moved to and from Puerto Rico while I was active duty. I could have saved lots of money. Get back to the PCS moving office and ask more questions about the benefits you need. I found out after the fact that I could have shipped a second car for a not so bad price. I have also used FMRS radios between cars. If you really need to stay in one car and ship the other start making calls to shipping companies about cost of shipping the spare car on a LoBoy trailer. Ask some of your commands old timers. They will have some ideas. It might be a bit expensive to ship. You might also check into having someone drive it for you since they may be traveling up there as well. CHECK OUT THEIR References tho. Pay them at the end.